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Krishnamurti Paddhati & Twins

People think that Astrologically to differentiate the horoscopes of twins is not possible.. but, it's not very true. 
In Traditional/Vedic system, it might be difficult but, in Krishnamurti Paddhati, the Sub Lord of each house changes after 4 Min.. it takes approx. 4 minutes to move the horoscope by 1 degree. In KP, When Sub lord of a house changes, everything changes. In KP, Sub lord is the deciding factor for many things..

If the difference in the Birth time of both twins will be more than 4 Minutes, then, sub lords of many houses will change.. Even though the difference is less than 4 Min, Sub lords of minimum two houses are likely to change. If the sub lord of the Ascendant Sign (1st house) changes, then it makes a Major difference even in the Nature of both the Twins & this difference can be very drastic also.

It also matters a lot which sub lord changes? of which house? If the sub lord of Important houses (given below) change, then, it makes a lot of difference in the Predictions of the Twins..
1st house (Nature, Physical appearance)
4th house (Education)
7th house (Marriage)
10th house (Career)

Here is one example of Twins,
25/09/1986, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, 16 41 N, 74 27 E
Twin 1, birth time 09:55 AM
Twin 2, birth time 10:00 AM

In this example, due to 5 min difference in the birth time, Sub lords of 9 houses change (total houses in a horoscope are 12) 

Since, the Ascendant Sign's (1st house) Sub lord is changing in both the horoscopes, there is a difference in the Nature of these twins.. Now, How exactly the nature is changing here? In case of Twin 1, the Ascendant's Sub lord is Venus & in case of Twin 2, it's Sun.. Planet Venus is useful where you will need to impressive or need appealing attitude, Venus is also an extrovert planet.. So, the Twin 1 will be extrovert & will have an appealing attitude.. These twins are doing some business jointly.. so, i told them that Twin 1 having sub lord as Venus should look for Sales/Marketing of the business which needs impressive as well as extrovert attitude. On the other hand, Twin 2 sub lord is Sun.. Planet Sun is considered for Self respect, honesty, Loyalty, Punctuality etc. & it's in Kanya, which is also a slightly introvert sign, so, Twin 2 will be Honest, Loyal & also introvert by nature..  I told that Twin 2 should look for in-house work or internal work, execution in the business.. which he will do with 100% input, honesty & loyalty. When i told this thing to the 3rd brother (who is not a twin brother), he said that they are doing this exactly in the same way i was telling right from the past. Twin 1 looks after Sales/Mktg of the business & Twin 2 is looking after all in-house work/Admin. work..

In this example, even the 7th house (marriage) sub lord is also chaging, in case of Twin 1, it's Moon & in case of Twin 2, it's Mars........., Moon is in good sign & in 7th house only (Vrushabh raashi & 7th house in the cusp chart) so, i said that the Twin 1 will get married easily & also earlier. Twin 1 is also likely to get a good wife by nature than twin 2. In case of Twin 2,  7th house sub lord is Mars in Dhanu raashi, he is likely to get hot tempered & arrogant wife.. Here due to 5 min diff in birth time, even the Married life is also changing a lot !

This is just one example of Twins.. there are number of such horoscopes of Twins which change in one way or the other..

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