Tuesday 8 October 2013

Astro Facts.. everybody should know..

It's better to know the FACTS than FANTASIES..

Astro Fact about "Planned delivery of a child":

"Planned Delivery of a child" is an "Intelligent effort" to have a good horoscope, but, the child has to be destined to have a good horoscope, then only, it happens as planned.. 

Astro Fact about "Remedies":

Remedies work like Grace marks in exams, if one gets 30 out of 100 then 5 or 10 can be given as Grace marks but, if one gets 5 or 10 out of 100 then 30 can't be given as Grace marks..

Astro Fact about Name of a Person:

Many people think that along with the birth details, “Name of a person” is also equally important & it plays a major role while giving astrological predictions. It is a total misunderstanding. Horoscope is prepared as per the Birth date, Birth time, birth place & Not on the basis of name of a person. In fact, in India, the birth happens before the person gets his/her name..Birth details are important & not the name.. 
Name should be given just to identify the horoscope & doesn't play any major role in the predictions..

Astro Fact about Science & Astrology:

Generally, Astrology is considered opposite to Science & vice versa, When actually it's not ! It's assumed or considered that an Astrologer will be always unscientific & a student of science will never believe in Astrology ! When actually it's not true at all. Astrologers can have scientific approach & a student of science can believe in Astrology. Many Astrologers have dozens of clients from Engineering or other scientific backgrounds. A person can believe in both, Astrology & Science, rather Astrological science.

Astro Fact :

Astrology is a Profession, Not a Business.

Astro Fact about Buying Gemstones :

Along with Astrology consultation, Some astrologers also have a practice to sell the gemstones. People should be careful while buying gemstones from Astrologers, as there are chances of fraud or gemstones may get suggested to a client when it’s not required.

Astrologer’s job/profession is to ADVICE the gemstones (if required) & not to SELL the gemstones.

Gemstones should be purchased from well known jewelry shops because chances of fraud are very less there as they earn a handsome amount of profit by selling Authentic gemstones. Fraud is more likely to happen in Small retailers/shops or the individuals who sell the gemstones. 

It doesn't mean that All the Astrologers who sell gemstones do fraud but, chances of fraud are more.. so people should be alert about this..

Astro Fact about Business :

Success of a Business depend's upon the horoscope of a person who RUNS it. it doesn't depends upon the Person's horoscope who OWNS it.. 

Astro Fact about Muhurta :

“Muhurta” can’t overpower the Basic married life in a horoscope.
Suppose, married life indicated in B’s horoscope is not good & married life indicated in A’s horoscope is good. Now, B gets married on a very good Muhurta & A gets married on any average Muhurta, still, B’s married life will remain as bad & A’s married life will remain as good only.

Astro Fact about Married Life :

Married life depends upon following 3 factors,
1) Married life indicated in Husband's individual horoscope
2) Married life indicated in Wife's individual horoscope
3) Match making of both those horoscopes.
Married life never depends upon just one horoscope. Marriage happens of two people, so, it depends upon both the horoscopes.

Astro Fact about Having a Child :

Astrologically, for a couple to have a child, more importance should be given to the Individual horoscopes of Husband & wife to check whether either horoscope is "Adverse" for having a child than the Nadi factor.. 
"Same Nadi" works as an "Additional Negative factor" for having a child.

The Astro formulas for "having a child" are as follows,
1) Either horoscope is adverse + Same nadi = More problems
2) Both the horoscopes are adverse + Same Nadi = Worst
3) No problems in either horoscope + Same Nadi = Can be some problems
4) No problems in both the horoscopes + Different Nadi = No problems

One more important point, Between husband & wife, more weightage should be given to the Wife's horoscope because she is the one who will be "actually" having a child..

Astro Fact :

Astrologer’s interest in client’s horoscope is Directly Proportional to the Client’s faith in the Astrologer.

Astro Fact :

Appropriate work "Field" as per the horoscope" and "Growth" are two Independent points.

Some clients might think that if they are into Appropriate "field" as per their horoscope then their "growth" will be 100%, which is not true.

Level of Growth of two people will happen as per their individual horoscopes even though they both might be doing Appropriate field as per their horoscope.

Appropriate "Field" only indicates that a person will earn money through it.

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