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Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage..

Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage..

Some times, people try to confuse the astrologer about love marriage & Arranged marriage or they themselves are confused about this..

Some people call an "Arranged marriage" as a "Love marriage" by saying "We met each other through matrimonial website but, during 1st meeting itself, we got attracted with each other & fall in love on the very 1st day of meeting.." On the other hand, Some people call a "Love marriage" as a "Love-cum-arranged marriage" by saying "We were in relationship for last 3 years but, when we got approval from each others Parents then only, we got married so it's kind of love-cum-arranged marriage"

Now, how to solve this?.. which one to call as Love marriage & which one to call as an Arranged Marriage? To solve this, i have created my own definition of love marriage & Arranged marriage, which i practise during Astrology consultation..

Definition of Arranged Marriage :

Where a Boy & Girl meet each other 1st time "WITH the INTENTION OF MARRIAGE", it's called as an Arranged Marriage. 

  • Whether they fall in love with each other or not, is immaterial. Most of the couples agree to marry each other only when they "like" each other or "feel attracted" towards each other, so this way, 8 out of 10 marriages should be called as "Love marriages" only, which is illogical.
  • Matrimonial website is a platform/effort to "Arrange" a marriage. Members put their profile there "With the Intention of marriage". All the marriages which happen through Matrimonial websites are "Arranged" marriages only. 

Definition of Love Marriage:

When a Boy & Girl meet each other 1st time "WITHOUT the INTENTION OF MARRIAGE", & then after some time period, the  love happens. It's called as Love Marriage. 
  • Now here, whether they get married with the approval of their parents or not, is totally immaterial. Love marriage doesn't always means that the couple should run away from home for marriage without the approval of parents. 
There is nothing like "Love-cum-arranged" or "Arranged-cum-love" marriage, either it is a Love marriage or an Arranged Marriage.

Another Misunderstanding is "Now a days, maximum people do love marriages", If maximum people do Love marriages then, how those thousands of matrimonial websites & marriage bureaus all over India survive? The number of Arranged Marriages is always high & number of love marriages is always low, at least in India.

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